San Luis Sun Holidays, SPAIN

Villa & Apartment rentals in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca.

This map shows the location of the 2 local airports in relation to where we are in San Luis. 

As you can see San Luis is located about midway between two airports and both routes are pretty straightforward.  

Alicante airport is about 30 miles North of our houses.  From Alicante, it takes approximately 40 minutes via car to get to where we are.

Murcia Airport (known as San Javier) near the Mar Menor, is located about 25 miles South of our houses.  The journey takes about 25-30 minutes via car to get from this airport to our properties in San Luis.

I have detailed directions from either airport which will be sent along with a booking confirmation in the post if needed. 

If you prefer not to drive, we'd be happy to arrange airport transfers.  This service means that you will be met at the airport on arrival by our English rep and escorted to your property.  He will show you around, hand over the keys and answer any questions that you may have.  Please see our 'Flights & Transfers' section for transfer rates.


Map of San Luis / La Siesta

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This detailed map shows the location of all our properties on the urbanisation.

Here is a map showing the locations of our properties and the local amenities on our urbanisation. 
Our houses are shown as coloured circles on the map, I will list them below in their appropriate colours : -

  •   2 Bedroom Apartment with Communal Pool.    location: Calle Chiva 
  •   South 2 Bedroom Apartment with Communal Pool.   location: Calle Chiva 
  •   2 Bedroom Villa.   location: Calle Carreño 
These 3 properties are located very close to each other.  There are 2 apartments which are in the same block( 1 North facing and 1 south facing) ...... and theres a 2 bedrm terraced villa which is just around the corner from these apartments, about 2mins walk.  These 3 properties are very close to the small leisure complex with pool called Casa Ventura and about 10-12 mins walk from the San Luis Square where there are Bars/restaurants/internet cafe etc.

  •   1 Bedroom Villa.    location: Avenida Adradas 
  •   4 Bedroom Villa.   location: Avenida Deva 
  •   2 Bedroom Detached Villa with Own Pool.   location: Calle de Falla (nr Calle Sibelius) 
These 3 properties are located very close to each other.  The 4 bed villa is in a calle called Avenida Deva. The 1 Bed villa is a couple of calle's up (1min walk from Av Deva) and the detached villa is just a few mins walk away from these.  These houses are located approximately midway between the commercial area where Hoggies is... and the commercial area called Washingtons.  These 3 properties are better located if you wanted to use the mini-aquapark as it's about 15mins walk from these houses.


MAP of the WHOLE of Spain

This map of Spain shows you where Torrevieja is located. 

Torrevieja is about a 45 minute drive from Alicante and just over an hour from Benidorm. 

We are about 2½ miles away from the coastline where there are lots of gorgeous beaches.








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